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4/20/2022 1:55:33 PM General

Highfield Hall & Gardens presents Summer Culinary Classes

Highfield Hall & Gardens is pleased to announce a fun and enticing program of culinary classes this summer.

Join us at Highfield Hall for a culinary class or two and spice up your cooking, grilling, or picnic! There is something for everyone. Classes are conducted on the porch for an engaging program with verdant views of Beebe Woods. Demonstration and hands-on classes include tempting and imaginative recipes that you will learn how to whip up in your own kitchen. Themes this summer will include holiday grilling, a portable feast, seafood delights, and international cuisine.

Please see the website for more information and to register for a class. Bon appetite!


Please note that recipes subject to change based on availability of ingredients.

Class size will be limited and health safety protocols will be followed.


$65 members/$75 non-members

Registration required visit


Healthy Cooking for Mother's Day, Gail B. and guest Jenny Shea Rawn,            May 5, 2022

Springtime Vegetables with Kay Benaroch,                                                  May 14, 2022

Memorial Day Fiesta with Kay Benaroch,                                                     May 19, 2022

Memorial Day Farm to Table cooking with Gail B,                                       May 26, 2022

Sandwiches! Sandwiches! With Kay Benaroch,                                             June 4, 2022

Get your grill on! With Kay Benaroch,                                                           June 16, 2022

Farm to Table with Gail Blakely, Fourth of July Party,                                 June 30, 2022

Portable Feast! Picnic ideas with Kay Benaroch,                                          July 9, 2022

Caribbean BBQ Feast with Kay Benaroch,                                                    July 14, 2022

Bread 101 with Gail Blakely,                                                                           July 16, 2022

Farm to Table Mid-Summer Bounty with Gail B,                                         July 28, 2022

A Taste of India with Kay Benaroch,                                                             August 7, 2022

Bread 102 with Gail Blakely,                                                                           August 13, 2022

Seafood Feast with Kay Benaroch,                                                                 August 18, 2022

Farm to table Labor Day Celebration with Gail B,                                        August 25, 2022

Farm to Table Last of the Summer with Gail B.,                                           Sept 29, 2022




Tuesday – Friday, 10 am – 4 pm

Saturday & Sunday, 10 am – 2 pm


Grounds open daily, year-round from dawn to dusk.