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The Elements Highfield Hall’s latest Fairy House installation.

Highfield Hall & Gardens is pleased to announce the juried 2022 Fairy House exhibition The Elements. Area artists and makers create individual fairy houses informed, inspired, and thoroughly indebted to the power of nature’s elements. This juried selection of fairy house creations will once again grace our gardens for the public to explore any time of the day throughout the summer of 2022. Plan to come and discover the variety and mystery of “the elements” found amongst the paths, nooks, and crannies around Highfield’s property.

The Elements
Highfield is calling all Artists and Makers of fairy worlds to participate in the 2022 Fairy House Exhibition. Time to begin thinking of your next fairyland house creation for summer of 2022. This year’s theme brings the invisible and the visible into “focus”. Participants can explore the ‘element’ theme from either the spirited magical elemental* category, or the 4 elements of matter that are air, water, earth, fire, or the chemically pure substance of matter found in the 118 elements of the periodic table.

*Elemental = the unseen magical world inhabited by nonhumans like fairies, sylphs, mythical water creatures all of which derive from the 4 main elements of earth, air, water, and fire.

This is a juried exhibition. For more information and details about submitting your proposal please contact Joanne Ingersoll, 508-495-1878 x316 or email,