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6/13/2022 6:22:04 PM General

Highfield Hall & Gardens presents Biodiversity is the Key to Life on Earth: A Lecture Series featuring our local science institutions.

Highfield Hall & Gardens is pleased to announce a five part-lecture series in collaboration with scientists from the area, highlighting biodiversity in different environments around the world. Wednesday evenings from 5:30-7:00 pm, July 6, July 20, August 10, August 24, September 7. Highfield Hall Ballroom.

The study of Biodiversity encompasses all evolutionary and ecological aspects of life on Earth. Many of the science institutions of the area are conducting cutting edge research on critical areas of biodiversity on the planet. While the goals for each project vary, the concept that biodiversity is fundamental for the health of the planet is unvarying.

From the depths of the sea to the green forests of the Amazon, from microscopic ocean creatures to the tallest trees in the world, research into the breadth and depth of life on the planet gives us clues to the origins of life and a road map to help us preserve it.

The series will kick off with Dave Remsen, of the Marine Biological Laboratory, on July 6, Explore the biodiversity of the waters around Woods Hole with Dave Remsen, Director, Marine Research Services at MBL where he oversees the collection, culture, and husbandry of aquatic species on campus. He's a former senior program officer of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility of Copenhagen, Denmark, and his career has revolved around the field of biodiversity informatics. Discover why this area of the Cape is special for so many scientific institutions studying the marine ecosystems. David will discuss the unique marine biogeography of the Cape and touch on some of the species, large and small, familiar, and unfamiliar, that can be found in our waters. He will also discuss how their unique features and adaptations to this environment help MBL researchers better understand our own biology.

Please look for future talks with Simon Thorrold, WHOI, July 20, on the Ocean Twilight Zone, Molly Curran, WHOI, August 10, talking about operating remotely operated vehicles in the arctic, Jeff Schell SEA, August 24, Secrets of the Sargasso Sea: Blooms, Biodiversity, and Ocean Tipping Points, and Marcia Macedo, Woodwell Climate Research Center. Sept 7, Exploring the rich biodiversity of the Amazon.


$10 per person Registration required visit